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Three More Pyr Reviews

Over on Sci Fi Weekly, Lois H. Gresh reviews Joel Shepherd's Killswitch:

"Joel Shepherd delivers an android character that's richer in human emotions than most real humans. ...the strength of the novel, which lies in the character of Cassandra Kresnov, is full of promise...Cassandra Kresnov is such a delightful character that the reader wants to see her push beyond the tropes of science-fiction androids."

Meanwhile, SF Signal JP reviews Sean Williams' The Hanging Mountains:

"What Williams does well is in creating an interesting fantasy setting, without the usual fantasy tropes. ...Obviously a lot of thought has gone into the world of the Cataclysm and Williams does a great job bringing it to life. ...Williams has created a unique and interesting setting for his Cataclysm books, stuffing it full of unexpected creatures and sympathetic characters."

And I was very gratified to see JP add: "One thing I must praise Pyr for is the physical book itself, specifically the dust jacket. The cover art is awesome, but the entire jacket is well done. From the electric blue runes surrounding the cover art to the green toned rest of the cover, the whole thing just looks amazing. In fact, all of the books in this series so far look terrific. Couple that with a very easy to read font and layout on the inside, and these are some very impressive books."

And finally, Greg L. Johnson of SF Site reviews Alexis Glynn Latner's Hurricane Moon. While Greg wasn't 100% on some bits of the novel, he does offer this:

"In science fiction, one of the most difficult feats to accomplish is a simultaneous appeal to both the romance of the intellect and the romance of the heart. Hard SF writers are all used to invoking a sense of wonder that thrills the imagination, it's what that particular game is all about. Fewer are able to at the same time involve the reader's emotions in a story that evokes the character's personal emotional attractions. ...It's very much to her credit, then, that Alexis Glynn Latner manages to pull this trick off in the very first chapter of her new novel."

And he concludes, "It is in fact a nicely written novel, with well-drawn characters and a story that succeeds quite well in mixing a cosmic mystery with its characters personal lives. "

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