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Katee Sackhoff = Cassandra Kresnov?

Fantasy Book Critic has just posted a great interview with Joel Shepherd. They talk with Joel about his Cassandra Kresnov trilogy, including the just released third and final (for now?) volume, Killswitch.They also discuss politics in the future, utopian vs distopian fiction, Joel's new Australian fantasy series, the possibility of more in the Cassandra Kresnov universe, book covers, and who would make a good Cassandra in a Hollywood film. Here's a taste:

"The only actress I’ve seen who might be able to play Cassandra is Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Woman). There may be others, but not that I’ve seen -- she’s not a character or physical type you see a lot of in Hollywood. There’s more options for Vanessa Rice because the whole idea for her is someone who looks sweet and delicate but in personality is neither. Natalie Portman jumps out as a possibility...maybe she’d enjoy the chance to be cast against type. Ari Ruben IS Adam Goldberg, the character was actually partly inspired by him, in looks and mannerisms."


  1. Jaycee5:15 PM

    I just recently discovered the Cassandra series (better late than never) and when driving home from work (when I'd rather be reading Crossover) and was thinking who I'd cast as Sandy if I had $100M (how else to spend a winning lottery ticket?) to make a big budget Crossover and Katee Sackhoff came to my mind, too. (On a different side note, one of my computers is named Kara and another is named Cassandra :) Anyway, I'm hoping to see the CK universe on either the large or small screen (with Katee Sackhoff in the lead) and more of the Cassandra Kresnov universe. I hope third does NOT equal final...

  2. I think it's "final for now." Joel has talked about revisiting this world, but right now he's working on his four book fantasy series, A Trial of Blood & Steel. The first book, Sasha, just came out.