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Crossover: A Very Angry Thing Running Fast

Chris, of the Book Swede & His Blog, has some nice things to say about Joel Shepherd's Crossover,including:

  • "....a short, snappy writing style which makes the story always seem to be hurtling along at the speed of a very angry thing running very fast indeed."
  • "In a book filled with action and drama, Joel Shepherd still managed to inject humour into situations at just the right moments..."
  • "Breakaway(Book 2) is certainly on my must-read list."
He gives the book 9 out of 10.


  1. Glad you liked the review :)

    Thanks for the link, too! I'm moving onto Infoquake now, and then Galileo's Children, a book which I think I'll find very much in keeping with the original Prometheus Books sceptical philosophy :D

    The Book Swede

  2. Very much so.
    I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on both.