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Roberson Rambles on Brasyl

Author Chris Roberson (Paragaea,Set the Seas on Fire) has started "Book Report Monday." In his inaugural report, he looks at Soon I Will Be Invincible, Eisenhorn, and Ian McDonald's Brasyl.The latter shares enough structural commonalities with his forthcoming End of the Century that I, as he points out, advised him not to read it until he'd finished that manuscript. Now that he has, he finds Brasyl "highly recommended. If you've been looking for a story featuring bisexual transvestite wheeler-dealers in the future, kick ass Irish Jesuits in the past, and complex TV producers in the modern day, complete with knives that will cut through the bonds of space-time and secret conspiracies across the multiverse, then Brasyl is the book for you. And if you haven't been looking for that story, then you should be now."

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