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Multiple Pyr Reviews

A host of Pyr reviews have come in over the last few days. Here are the highlights:

Ian McDonald's River of Gods:

“…if you can stand the initial shock of a future India, described in breathtaking detail by McDonald, then you will find yourself immersed in the world that he has created. River of Gods is a rich, fascinating novel…fans of hard science fiction will find plenty to like…” -SciFiNow Magazine, issue 5

Ian McDonald's Brasyl:

"Brasyl has been receiving high praise from just about everyone since it's publication. It's easy to see why. Not content with writing just one interesting story, McDonald gives us three... What's even more amazing is that McDonald has taken these stories and wrapped them around a very hard science fictional idea. Namely that of the quantum computational view of cosmology.tackles big issues like free will and the heat death of the universe and places them in intensely personal stories, which serves to humanize these ideas and make them easier to understand... Brasyl rivals River Of Gods story-wise and surpasses it in science fictional terms. "-SFSignal, 4 1/2 stars

Justina Robson's Selling Out (Quantum Gravity, Book 2):

“Provocative melding of fantasy and science fiction…her freewheeling language instills the plot with an unpredictability…limitless creativity and enthusiasm…” -SciFiNow Magazine, issue 5

“Robson continues, from Keeping It Real (2007), the story of super cyborg secret-agent extraordinare Lila Black as she follows her former charge Zal, the most famous rock star in Otopia, into Demonia…Clearly having fun in a world of elves, fairies, and high-tech toys, Robson has a great sense of rock and roll, too, which helps lots in this almost-over-the top confection.” -Booklist, September 1, 2007

Fiona Avery's The Crown Rose:
“…a fascinating novel about a period in history imbued with mysticism, and it is exciting to read something so well encompassing that tradition. Fiona Avery has a marvelous talent for vivid characterization, and makes Isabelle and her family and servants glow with realism. This is a well-researched book, and it shows. Give yourself a trip to the thirteenth century and get this book!”, September 2007

Kay Kenyon's Bright of the Sky: the Entire and the Rose: Book 1:
“Well written, with engaging, well-developed characters, Kenyon gives readers fascinating, alternative worlds on a breathtaking scale. Mind boggling worlds, deep plotting and characters—what more can we want from science fiction?”, September, 2007

Not bad, huh?


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to Selling Out

  2. Thanks, Paul. I thought Selling Out surpassed Keeping It Real and I loved Keeping It Real.