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First, a huge congratulations to our frequent cover artist John Picacio, who in one weekend garners an International Horror Guild nomination in the Art category for his Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio, and a win in the Best Artist category of the Locus Awards. John is one of the top illustrators working in SF&F now, as his string of Hugo, WFC and IHG award nominations attest. And I can say, I knew him when...

Second, over on Kay Kenyon's livejournal, our author tells the story of one baker who was overly concerned about copyright infringement when it comes to cake baking. The baker's concern was laudable, though as Kay points out the cake in question didn't survive long enough to pose any serious threat to Stephan Martiniere's original illustration. And I'm sure that Stephan would be happy to know that his excellent artwork for Bright of the Sky was so directly and intimately appreciated by this audience.

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