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Clear Your Calendar: Recommends Brasyl

Andrew Leonard has just put forward Ian McDonald's Brasylin's List of Summer Reading Recommendations. Andrew says, "If you liked River of Gods,which performed a similar mash-up of SF tropes with full cultural immersion in India, you will delight in Brasyl. And if you're a science fiction fan who has never read any Ian McDonald, well, then, clear your calendar." He goes on to talk about the way that "an age of globalization" has inspired science fiction writers to investigate new-to-them territories in the here and now, concluding, "A similar wave swept through SF in the 1980s, when Japan's emergent cultural and economic power suddenly became reflected in scores of science fiction novels. But McDonald has more fun than most of the Japanophiles did. I always wanted to visit the future. But after Brasyl, I want to book a ticket to São Paulo also."

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