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Memorable, Big-Picture Entertainment

Ian McDonald's Quill-nominated masterpiece, Brasyl, has just been reviewed in the June 1, 2007 issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Packing his pages with local color and big-picture speculation, McDonald conjures three equally vivid worlds. Grade: B+”

Meanwhile, Blogcritics Magazine reviewer Tim Gebhart has this to say:

"McDonald's last novel, River of Gods, portrayed Indian society in 2047. It earned nominations for both the 2005 Hugo Award and the 2005 Arthur C. Clarke Award, given for the best science fiction novel published in the United Kingdom. Not only should his deft touch and vision of multiverses earn Brasyl those nominations again, no one should be surprised if it earns him the awards themselves."

Meanwhile, Mike Resnick's New Dreams for Old is reviewed on SF Crowsnest by Sue Davies:

“This collection of stories proved to be…memorable…Even now looking at the titles makes me recall the hook of many of them. Each story has a specially written introduction with Mike Resnick's thoughts on the origin of the story and some reasons for it... The lighter tales are more than compensated for by the deeply thought out ones that brought a lump to my throat…All of the stories have a point to make and they do not waste words in saying them. Some of them are moving and other simply make you stop and think. I enjoyed them very much."

And, in a different slant on "preaching to the converted," Gardner Dozois' anthology from our debut season, Galileo's Children: Tales Of Science VS. Superstition, is reviewed in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol. 58, No. 2, June 2006:

“These stories by eminent authors are collected by a former editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction…the approach implies a negative slant toward religion, but the encounters are sophisticated and provocative… [and they] also offer insights into the meaning of religion in people’s lives. They provide an overview of secular perspectives on religion and are useful for entertainment, self-examination, social relevance, or apologetics…these tales are examples of top-quality storytelling.”

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