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Putting Things in Context

The trade paperback edition of John Meaney's brilliant novel, Context: Book II of the Nulapeiron Sequence, is now out, available online, and should be showing up in bookstores everywhere soon.

As B&N's Explorations wrote: “Science fiction fans looking for the next big genre classic need look no further than the Nulapeiron Sequence, a highly cerebral sci-fi trilogy by British author John Meaney that has been (deservedly) compared to Frank Herbert's epic masterwork Dune. Meaney's Nulapeiron Sequence (Paradox, Context and the forthcoming Resolution) is a landmark work for multiple reasons: unparalleled world building, the world of Nulapeiron is one of the most vividly described and utterly unique realms ever imagined in the history of science fiction; plot density, like Nulapeiron's multi-leveled society, the story of Tom Corcorigan has innumerable layers; dozens of secondary themes and subplots; and above all else, readability: fans of hard science fiction will not be able to put this sweeping and thought-provoking saga down.”

Meanwhile, Neth Space has reviewed another Meaney title, Bone Song, not available in the states yet, but kicking up waves overseas. "Bone Song is a genre-bending blend of dark/urban fantasy and hardboiled crime enshrouded in noir. Think Dirty Harry in a city created by the bastard love-child of Jeff VanderMeer and China MiĆ©ville – it’s close, but still a disservice to Meaney’s creation." I think this one is going to blow people away over here too when it comes, but then, I've thought John was a genius for a long time.


  1. Lou, I'm curious, are you guys going to be publishing Bone Song?

  2. No. I sat this one out, but plans are afoot elsewhere, and I expect you'll hear something soon.

    Why did we sit it out you ask?

    At the time all this was going on, we had yet to bring out Meaney's To Hold Infinity, and we have paperbacks to do of both that and Resolution as well. So it would be a while before I could bring any new Meaney out. Rather, I want/wanted John to be an author at more than one house, so he can write full-time and reach more of an audience with more books on the shelf than he otherwise would. (As, indeed, will shortly be the case).

    But, I read the story Bone Song grew out of, "Diva's Bones" and about a hundred pages of an early draft of the novel, and was blown away. When it does come out in the states, I'll be the first one to buy a copy.

  3. Understandable and laudable. I hope it does well - the feeling I get is that the folks at Gollancz are both excited and a bit nervous about this one since it's such a departure from Meaney's other novels.

  4. Oh, I think they are very excited.
    It is a departure - it's not space opera, it's "goth opera" (if I can borrow a phrase from Paul Cornell). But the noir detective angle isn't to o far from Meaney's interest in spy fiction. Did you ever read "The Swastika Bomb," an alt. history Ian Fleming biotech WWII novella he wrote for me way back when? Brilliant, and maybe a bit of the seed of Bone Song in there too.