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Keeping It Real @ Borders

Beginning tomorrow, 3/6, and running fourteen days through 3/19, Justina Robson's magnificent sci-fantasy novel Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity, Book 1) will be on a "quality paperback table" in every Borders Books store in the US. This is a table display outside the SF section. I've very excited (very!) by this promotion and very curious to see how it goes. In view of this, I would very much appreciate hearing of any and all sightings in various Borders around the US of A. Please let me know where you saw the book, how it was displayed, how many were on hand, what you thought of it, etc... I'd love to post some pictures of the display in various stores, so feel free to put those digital camera phones to good use and email me the results!


  1. Interesting. Amazon lists the street date of this novel for March 14th, and when I went to my local Borders today, Justina's book wasn't on any of the New & Notable tables. I'll check back after the supposed "street date" and see if any of that has changed...

  2. It turns out the promotion has been pushed back to March 23rd. I'll announce when it's on, but the books should still show up in stores in advance of this, probably after Tuesday the 13th.