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Fair Coin nominated for Andre Norton Award

The 2012 Nebula Awards Nominees have been announced, and with them, the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. We are delighted to report that E.C. Myers' youth adult novel, Fair Coin, has made that list!

Congratulations to E.C. And to all the Nebula and Norton nominees.


  1. @Lou Anders

    Just saw the covers of two upcoming Pyr titles on the randomhouse/amazon sites - 'The Scroll of Years' by Chris Willrich and '23 Years on Fire' by Joel Shepherd.

    Are these preliminary covers ? Can we expect high-rez covers of these from you ?

  2. Hi John,
    Those should be final covers. I'll post higher resolution versions when we are closer to September. Meanwhile, I'll try and post some other forthcoming book covers shortly.

    Also, both The Scroll of Years and 23 Years on Fire are amazing.

  3. @Lou Anders

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Looking forward to the new covers.

    I'm excited about the new Joel Shepherd book,i've read both of his series that you've published.

    Also looking forward to The Scroll of Years,in my opinion we need more Sword & Sorcery books!