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Cowboy Angels: Recalls the Style of Philip K. Dick

Cowboy AngelsThe Library Journal has just given a stellar endorsement to Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels:

"The author of “The Confluence Trilogy” (Child of the River; Ancient of Days; Shrine of Stars) tackles the complex subject of parallel dimensions in a multiuniverse sf thriller that showcases his lucid storytelling and his grasp of hard science. VERDICT Recalling the style and subject matter of the late Philip K. Dick, this title should appeal to McAuley’s growing readership and fans of alternate history."


  1. I wonder if the title is a reference to the Dylan lyric from the song "Gates of Eden"?

    "Of war and peace the truth just twists
    Its curfew gull just glides
    Upon four-legged forest clouds
    The cowboy angel rides
    With his candle lit into the sun
    Though its glow is waxed in black
    All except when 'neath the trees of Eden

  2. Hi Stefan,

    Well spotted!