The Geomancer


The Ragged Man: Powerful Storytelling and High Drama

Cover by Todd Lockwood

Tom Lloyd's fourth book in his Twilight Reign quintet is out now. The Library Journal recently said of The Ragged Man, "Powerful storytelling complements a large cast of characters and a complex narrative that touches on everything from romance to high drama to fast-paced war scenes."

We recommend The Ragged Man to fans of Steven Erikson, or to anyone who thinks the idea of a Moorcockian anti-hero ravaging a land as richly-detailed as Middle Earth sounds like an interesting read.

You can read an excerpt from The Ragged Man right now, kindly hosted on


  1. Curse you, Lou, for publishing endless numbers of intriguing sounding books!

  2. I would promise to publish some boring ones at some point, only then I'd have to read a bad book, and I can't do that.

  3. Nice cover, though a bit different from the previous three where the images are offset, giving them a slightly more dynamic feel. Was it a conscious change?

  4. Todd wanted to get back to dragon of cover one. The scene is crucial in the book, though I don't want to spoil it by talking about where exactly this occurs...

  5. So he didn't want to repeat the image necessarily, got it. I got the first book recently, though don't know when I'll get a chance to read it. But as Jvstin cursed you for, you keep publishing non-boring books, so my backlog grows...

  6. Wait till our September titles get here.