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More Love for the Shadows

Shadow's SonA Bibliophile's Reverie is the latest blog to praise Jon Sprunk's Shadow's Son. "It's predominately a rich cinematic experience that begs to be read in one sitting. In all, I highly recommend it to any readers who want to read something that's purely an entertaining story. Readers who abhor fantasy books that are pure drudgery to read will especially love this one."

The Office of ShadowMeanwhile, BellaOnline has this to say about Matthew Sturges' The Office of Shadow.  "Strip away all the fantasy elements and this is a basic spy novel with all the common element-- two countries at war, double agents and the like. But with the fantasy elements layered in, The Office of Shadows is much more. There are quaint religions that are more than they seem, magical powers that surprise their wielders, Flying cities with an almost steampunk feel and an army of reanimated killers. ....The Office of Shadow by Matthew Struges is an enjoyable mix of espionage and fantasy."

And Revenge of the Nerds!!! has this to say, "The Office of Shadow leaves me excited to see where Sturges takes his world next. This series so far bucks the fantasy series trend offering two related novels that stand well on their own or in sequence. Indeed The Office of Shadow is a complete tale from beginning to end wrapping everything up nicely and leaving me satisfied. At the same time it is a testament to Sturges’ skill with characterization that he left me hungry for more time with Silverdun, Paet, and company. The climax of The Office of Shadow is some thrilling fiction and the revelation of the nature of the Einswrath weapon is a wonderful twist that I didn’t see coming. Sturges craft continues to improve and I look forward to seeing where he goes next."

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