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Twice the Kudos for Shadow's Son

A joint review of Jon Sprunk's Shadow's Son on Fantasy Book Critic heaps double the praise on this debut fantasy.

Cindy says: “Shadow's Son is attention grabbing,  fast paced, and an overall stand out fantasy novel…Shadow's Son takes fantasy to it's original roots with a great storyline, quick paced plot flow, some  really great fight scenes and enjoyable characters…Jon Sprunk shows that not  all fantasy novels need to be doorstoppers to be good. Shadow's Son is easily one of my favorite books of 2010 and I  look forward to seeing what Sprunk can add to this trilogy.”

Liviu says: “The first lines of the novel should give you a clear taste of its style  since for me they were the kind that get and keep me reading without being able to put the book down unless I really must. And Shadow's Son continues in this  addictive way till the end without letting the pace slack even for a  moment… An A+ for the style and the series became another get/read asap, confirming for once the "good vibes" I had from the  original announcement.”

But if you want to see for yourself, our friends at are kindly hosting an excerpt from the first chapter.

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