The Geomancer


Pyr on the Kindle

We're up to 50 Pyr books on the Kindle now (more formats coming).


  1. Any idea when on other formats? As I'd really like to get This Crooked Way (again) for analysis.

  2. We've sent all the books to B&N and are simply waiting for things on their end for them to be up on the B&N eReader and Nook. We are in talks with Sony now, not sure what stage but close. We'll approach Apple next, and move down the line like that. Speed of publishing you know.

  3. Ok, thanks.

    Neither of those will be selling in Australia anytime, so looks like it will be quite a while.

  4. Eventually we will be looking to sell our own off the website, but that's a long term goal, and by long term, I mean long.