The Geomancer


A Magical Mission Impossible

If 2009’s Midwinter was the Dirty Dozen in Elfland, this thrilling sequel is Magical Mission Impossible. Former lothario Silverdun becomes a priest, but finds himself bored. When his government recruits him as a spy, he takes the offer and is shocked when they demand he learn extraordinary physical and magical skills... Standard spy tropes—training sequences, double agents, betrayals from within—take on new life when melded with high fantasy, and Sturges has an easy ear for dialogue and character. Silverdun’s backstory is nicely fleshed out in the process, though fans of the first book should be warned that the other characters appear briefly or not at all.


  1. This book sounds like a great and interesting read. I have picked Midwinter up off the shelf many times at the bookstore, but just not sure about the book 0 what it is about. Now reading this about the second book sounds like a read I would enjoy. I am going to have to get both of these books. Thanks for this post.

  2. Both books stand on their own, but the second one benefits from having read the first. The first is more of a covert military mission with soldiers, the second an espionage book with spies. Both are wonderful, though Sturges has written scores of comic books for DC/Vertigo between one and two and so naturally his writing style has matured between books. (Not a criticism, would be worried if it hadn't).