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A Whole Batch of Pyr Reviews

A whole batch of Pyr reviews:

Astroguyz on Paul McAuley's Gardens of the Sun:

"Fans of the series will not be disappointed. ...The union of hard science and good story telling is one that harkens back to such greats as Arthur C. Clarke or Asimov.... We fully recommend Gardens of the Sun as a first rate space opera that melds science, politics and fast paced action. A worthy sequel of this series could easily span those hinted future millennia much like Olaf Stapledon’s The Last and First Men or the Dune franchise… be sure to get in on the The Quiet War saga from the ground floor!"

Fantasy Book News & Reviews on Adrian Tchaikovsky's Empire in Black and Gold:

"Read it. Right now. ....Fans of the current crop of UK fantasy authors like Abercrombie, Barclay, Erikson, Ruckley & Lloyd. This book has the same sorta feel as most of those books. This procession of Pyr books from many of the UK authors listed above is converting me into a big fan of the UK fantasy scene. ...One of my favorite reads so far this year. I would say that it is likely a top 10 2010 read for me, except for the fact that there are 3 more books coming out in the US this year. I have a feeling that as this series gathers steam, the later books are going to be even better. So books 2-4 have moved near the top of my "must reads in 2010" pile. For fans of epic fantasy, there is quite a lot to like here."

Science Fiction L.A. on Empire in Black and Gold:

"British fantasy writer Adrian Tchaikovsky has created a very deep world in Empire in Black and Gold, the first novel in his Shadows of the Apt series. Striding the line between high fantasy and steampunk sf, he carefully builds a society equal parts politics, emerging technology, and leftover ancestral magic. Drawing on classic fantasy themes – quest, growth, old ways versus new – and throwing in more modern themes of class and ethnic conflict, Tchaikovsky creates a complex web of character and action that pulls you relentlessly to the end. ... The depth of the world Tchaikovsky creates is stunning."

The Examiner on David Louis Edelman's Geosynchron:

"It felt like the first two books in Edelman's Jump 225 series had twisted reality about as far as it could go. However, with the last book in the trilogy, Geosynchron, we realize we were only peeking into the rabbit hole before. Now we get a swift kick that sends us tumbling all the way to the bottom."


  1. I finished it.


    This is one series I will definitely re-read! What an ending! WOW.

  2. Yup. What an ending.

  3. Yup. What an ending!

  4. I'm now halfway through Gardens of the Sun.

  5. ...and a box of Girl Scout cookies.