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Sasha: A Trial of Blood & Steel

Dave Palumbo recently turned in a beautiful painting for Joel Shepherd's forthcoming fantasy novel, Sasha: A Trial of Blood & Steel (coming out in Fall, 09). I usually wait for the type treatment before debuting things here, but Dave has put it up on his own site, so for those who want an early look, here it is. Nice, huh?


  1. At last! A female that looks like any other female you'd see walking down the street. And wearing clothes!

    Very nice cover! I've definitely been enjoying Palumbo's postcard series, and you can tell that the same artist created both.

    Bloody-coloured type? And dripping? Probably too cliche.

  2. I'm thinking a metallic foil, in a dignified, striking silver or bronze.

  3. Foil would be spectacular! and an old english sytle-is style type too.

    I'd go with bronze, being careful that it wasn't a goldish bronze. Bronze would pick-up the pants colour and the lower sleeves touching the hands. Silver would blend in too much into the sky I think - although if you do go with silver, maybe a pewter coloured silver so it didn't "flash" at you.

  4. I agree completely.

  5. Beautiful. But...nobody sane wears a knife so that it pokes them in the belly when they lean over!