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Genreville: Ask a Publicist

Over at Genreville, PW's Rose Fox's latest Ask a Publicist column asks, "What Are the Publicity Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Company's Size and Position in the Market?" Our own Jill Maxick kicks off the comments, but there are also responses from Gavin Grant (Small Beer), Corinda Carfora (Baen), Vincent W. Rospond (BL Publishing/Solaris), William Schafer (Subterranean), Vera Nazarian (Norilana) and others.

Here's a sample of Jill's response:
As a small to midsize press, it may be easier for us to establish a unique identity and brand (for many reasons: easier to maintain consistency and control; people tend to be more comfortable being fans of boutique operations rather than multinational conglomerates; etc.). There's less bureaucracy to deal with when making decisions or brainstorming ideas.

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