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Seriously Cool

Via SF Signal, Bear McCreary's "All Along the Watchtower," used in the last season finale of Battlestar Galactica, matched up here with some machinima battle sequences from EVE Online.

Seriously, cool, yes? And one more data point that makes me think the explosion of SF&F net-film is moments away...


  1. And why would you watch a film when you can be *living* that? If it actually is real game play, that is.

  2. Yeah, there is that too. Sometimes I wonder if fantasy literature outperforms SF because SF had a head start colonizing film/tv/games, and when fantasy catches up, if it won't suffer for it.

  3. I have to agree, that is really cool!

    And yes, that is in-game footage. EVE does indeed look that awesome in game. The gameplay, however, is not like the standard MMO. For one thing, all the 'content' is generated by the players. Basically, it's groups of players (corporations) vying for control of parts of the galaxy.

    And it's a huge time sink and not for the faint of heart (PvP all the way).

    But it sure does look awesome.

  4. I should stay away.

  5. I made the mistake of starting World of Warcraft about a month ago. It's... time consuming. But Jen and I play together, so it's almost like family time!

  6. I really, really can't go near this. Not and be a daddy, have a job...

  7. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Some well-intentioned relatives gave us WoW for Xmas. We haven't opened it yet, not because I think it won't be awesome, but because I know it will, having lost all my free time to an online rpg in the past.

    And. That footage is jaw-droppingly stunning.