The Geomancer


Matthew Sturges's Midwinter

Matthew Sturges' Midwinter

Art by Chris McGrath
Design by Grace M. Conti-Zilsberger


  1. euphrosyne2:59 AM

    Beautiful cover!

  2. Thank you both.
    Ces, very glad to hear that! I was hoping you would.

  3. Wow. Gorgeous. The limited palette is effective. With the title, it's very evocative.

  4. I love the BACK cover!

  5. The part I love about the cover the most is the man's face - it looks so real, like there really is a man standing there. A very intense man. An angry man. The woman's face is what, too smooth maybe? it just doesn't look real in the same way. And of course the pointed ears are abvious. And that sword! And the background - it's definitely mid-winter there, & I want to go there!

    The backcover is also lovely, especially with the addition of the white bird in the blurb area. And the blurb being transparent, but not too transparent, is wonderful.

    Good job everyone!

  6. Look again at the bird. It's actually the dragon/wyvern thing from the top right corner of the illustration.

  7. Hmmm, ok, I blew it up HUGE in Paint Shop Pro, and yeah, it isn't a bird. Looks like a bird though when still small.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Memo to Self: Blow-up covers huge next time before committing a goof!

    I still like it though!