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Robyn Hitchcock & Mervyn Peake

From an interview in the Village Voice with musician Robyn Hitchcock:

Tell me the name of a book you've read at least twice.

I've read The Gormenghast Trilogy. Have you read those? Mervyn Peake's The Gormenghast Trilogy. I recommend that to anyone who likes my stuff.

I was also struck by his closing thoughts:
You know, every artist wants to shake hands with the future. It's not just a question of the old ego in the present. It's a desperate attempt by your ego to feel that it will escape time.
Hitchcock, of course, contributed two poems to Fast Forward 1.A long time fan of his music, I highly recommend all his recent work on Yep Roc Records, particularly Spooked and the new retrospective Luminous Groove.


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM


    I love Robyn Hitchcock's music, love his 'Spooked' cd (and Gillian Welch & David Rawlings are da bomb), and love that you included 2 of his poems in 'Fast Forward I."


  2. Hitchcock has said in interviews that he wanted to be a time traveler as a kid, until he discovered Bob Dylan. I think that Dylan meets Doctor Who is a very apt description. And it seems appropriate to include someone whose first band took their name from a William Burroughs novel in an SF anthology. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hmmmm...sideways thought here. Maybe it's time for a William Burroughs-themed SF anthology??

    Or hey -- if Janis Ian can co-edit (with Mike Resnick) an SF anthology based on her songs, how about one based on Hitchcock's songs?


  4. I tend to think Hitchcock's CDs are their own anthologies! I was pleased to have him in FF1, but that may be as far into SF as he wants to be dragged!