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Joe Mallozzi is Keeping It Real

Stargate: Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi is Keeping It Real. Or rather, he's open for questions for this month's selection in his book discussion group, Justina Robson's Keeping It Real.Justina herself will be stopping by later to answer his readers questions. Meanwhile, he describes the book as:

"It’s a fun read that pokes fun at fantasy tropes and certain genre-specific narrative conventions while also offering up a cast of colorful, nicely-developed characters... Our protagonist Lila Black is particularly well-drawn and sympathetic, a woman struggling to reconcile herself to a tough post-traumatic existence. Her inevitable encounter with the elf who nearly killed her, and the ensuing sacrifice that neatly parallels her past ordeal, is surprisingly poignant. Inventive in its world-building, engaging in its humorous, fast-paced narrative, Keeping It Real is a promising start to the Quantum Gravity series."

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  1. Our reporter Linda Craddock has been very busy these past few weeks rounding up interviews for all our fans of “Stargate: Atlantis,” the next Mummy film, the new television series “The Middleman” and more. She recently sat in on an invitation-only press conference sponsored by the GE CORP AM INITIATIVES GROUP. The conference was attended by Linda and several other reporters as they asked questions of executive producer Joseph Mallozzi and actor Robert Picardo of “Stargate: Atlantis.”
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