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Get in Touch with Your Inner Troll

Graeme's Fantasy Review reaches back to our very first season with a review of Charles Coleman Finlay's fantasy, The Prodigal Troll,a tale of a human troll lost in the wild as a baby and raised by a band of the reclusive fantasy creatures. Graeme gives the book seven out of ten and says, "The story itself is a good blend of worldbuilding and plot, balanced just right so you don’t get too much of either one or the other. engaging read both in style and content and really got me into the ‘troll mindset’ that the author was aiming for. It ends on a cliffhanger and I for one want to know what happens next."

Meanwhile, Grasping for the Wind has this to say: "Finlay’s exploration of the way humans interact with each other and the effect of war, love and the exotic on the human psyche is fun to read. Written in epic fantasy style, Finlay proves that epics do not have to take twelve volumes, or even a trilogy, to delve into the enigma that is humanity. Finlay writes with a wonderful cadence, inserting action at just the right moments, but allowing his characters time for introspection as well, but never so much has to slow the pace. The ebb and flow of the plot makes The Prodigal Troll a stay up all night read."

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