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Crossover Crossing Over to the Science Fiction Book Club

Joel Shepherd's Crossover is one of the featured alternative selections in this month's Science Fiction Book Club offerings. This is the first Pyr title to appear from the SFBC, so I'm very excited about it. For book club members, the link to their page is here.

Meanwhile, here's how the SFBC describes the book:

Captain Cassandra Kresnov, Dark Star special ops. A GI for the League—that's who she was in her old life. As if she could ever forget…

Cassandra is an artificial human being, one of the League's most sophisticated experimental creations. Designed to replicate human biology so closely that it's difficult to tell the difference, she is the perfect killing machine: stronger, more intelligent, more creative, and far more dangerous than any model that preceded her.

But with Cassandra's intellect come questions, and a moral awakening. As the war between the technologically advanced League and the conservative Federation winds down, she deserts the League for Federation space to forge an ordinary life on the planet Callay. She feels she can be happy in the glorious megatropolis of Tanusha, even though the Callayans take a dim view of artificial sentience. But that's before Federal Intelligence catches up with her….

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