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The Metatemporal Detective

Very happy to announce that we'll be producing another book with the wonderful Michael Moorcock. We've just inked a deal for The Metatemporal Detective, a short story collection featuring Sir Seaton Begg, the multiverse's most famous metatemporal detective, as he battles his age-old enemy Count Zodiac (sometimes known as Elric of Melnibone) across the infinite moonbeam roads of the multiverse. The book will include an original tale, "The Flaneur of the Arcades d'Opera," to provide a concluding note to the detectives battles with his arch foe.

Moorcock says, “The world of the stories is mostly set against a London where electric trams and other electric vehicles are the norm, where the internal combustion engine doesn't exist, where mounted tram robbers ply 'the lines'. New Orleans is run by a mysterious people who seem to speak a form of French patois and are called the Machinoix. And in the American set stories there are pools of 'colour' which are the power sources, while in Biloxi the Biloxi Fault threatens to blow up the world and the Mississippi is running backwards. We are never entirely sure, however, if these are the same world or intersecting 'planes' of the multiverse. As in the Cornelius stories, that's up to the reader to decide.”

More details - cover artist etc... - as they become available.


  1. oooh! Nicey nice.

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    Hi Lou

    I had asked you a question by mail about forthcoming Pyr releases, any chance you could take a look at it?



  3. HI Armand,
    I sent you back an email answering the question - it must not have gotten through.