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The Martian General's Daughter

I am very proud to announce that we have struck a deal to publish The Martian General's Daughter (working title), a new science fiction novel by Theodore Judson. The novel tells the story of Peter Black, the last loyal general in an empire that is rapidly crumbling, as seen through the eyes of his illegitimate daughter.

I'm very happy to be working with Judson. His first novel, Fitzpatrick's War (DAW, 2004), was declared one of the best books of 2004 by Publishers Weekly, who also compared it to "other greats" like Heinlein and Asimov. (I've recently discovered that Fitzpatrick's War has a way cool wikipedia page, complete with a map of his world of 2415 which is well worth checking out.)

Although The Martian General's Daughter takes place in a separate continuity from Judson's other work, there are certain similarities of theme and concerns. Judson says, "As happens in the other science fiction novels I have written, the story takes place in the distant future and yet it is a retelling of an ancient tale. Specifically, the reader may recognize the history of the last of the Roman Antonine Caesars, as told in the Augustine Histories. I re-write history like this not because I believe history repeats itself, but that humans inevitably repeat the triumphs and mistakes of those who have gone before them. "

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