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The Pyr Meme is Spreading

The wonderful group blog Meme Therapy has uploaded a number of Pyr-related posts lately.

First, there is an interview with Genetopia author Keith Brooke:

"I'd be very surprised if in ten years we 'log on' to the net: it'll just be there, part of the way we communicate with each other and with our household appliances, part of the way the world is automated around us: our awareness of it as 'the internet' will have dwindled. As this sense of being permanently logged on permeates our lives, it's bound to shift the way we communicate and learn about the world and discuss what's going on..."

Then, David Louis Edelman joins several other interesting folks in opinioning about the dangers of corporations:

"Once you eliminate the middle class from the equation, you're back to the feudal system of lords and serfs. And that system wasn't such a great deal for the serfs."

Finally, Joel Shepherd, whose novel Crossover should pop up on shelves any day now, describes his Cassandra Kresnov novels:

"I wanted to make Cassandra the anti-'android cliche'. She doesn't suffer from a desperate desire to be human (she indignantly insists she already IS human), and she's quite happy being what she is, although the politics behind her creation are another matter. She has free will and personality like any of us, and wrestles constantly with the moral implications of possessing incredibly dangerous abilities, and what therefore she should do with her life."

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