The Geomancer


Smash 'em together

We love playing by the rules.

Yeah...sure. That's why some of our favorite books have been mash-ups of different genres, a little of this and a little of that.  A square peg that might be able to squeeze itself into the round hole but throws up it's arms in triumph yelling "You can't make me do it!" Here's what we're talking about:


Vampires + steampunk + pulp adventure + romance + politics + alternate history

The original Vampire Empire trilogy introduced a fresh approach to vampire mythology while also starting an epic romance. Cue fangirl squee: The story of Gareth and Adele will continue with a new ongoing, character-based series that will start with The Geomancer this fall!


Science fiction + legal drama + quantum physics + murder mystery 

Next month, David Walton seamlessly blends hard science fiction and particle physics with a crime so twisted, it'll keep you guessing until the end. It will be followed by a book, Supersymmetry, in September.


Wild west + steampunk

Few stories are stranger than Mike Resnick's Weird West tales. Join Doc Holliday, Thomas Edison, Billy the Kid, and Geronimo in


Portal story + flintlock fantasy 

A 21st-century man walks into a world of magic and mayhem.  Luckily, his enemies have never seen what weapons the modern world can create. the second book, Gold Throne in Shadow, comes in this fall!


Steampunk + sword and planet

Ever wonder what Victorian London would look like on another planet? With aliens dressed to the nines? Wonder no more!


It's time for this week's giveaway!  To celebrate our 10th anniversary we're once again offering up one copy of any book mentioned in this post! Yep, that even applies to the books coming out this fall. So to enter, comment below or send an e-mail with the subject "Week two giveaway" (making sure to include which book you'd like to win) to  This contest ends on Friday, the 20th.


  1. Sword of the Bright Lady sounds very cool. I'd love to read it.

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