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It's that time of year...

Ah, November.  Our bellies haven’t yet recovered from the sugar-rush of Halloween and we’re shoved headfirst past Thanksgiving into the holiday season.  While the stores are busy cramming bright lights and “seasons greetings” down our throats, a little voice in our head starts to speak up.  What’s that, you say? Haven’t started shopping, you say? Ah yes, it’s time to panic.
Before you start to hyperventilate, take a second to think about the people on your shopping lists. Got any friends and family that like to relax with a good book? Do they like a little wit with their adventure? A little snark with their…um…swords? That last one doesn't really work, but what does work is Ari Marmell’s perfect blend of dark humor, high action, and impeccable world-building.  Lost Covenant, the latest Widdershins Adventure, comes out December 3…with just enough time to wrap before the last nights of Hanukkah!  And of course, whoever invented stockings was clearly thinking about books.

Marmell’s writing style is top-notch, guaranteed to have you laughing, crying, and holding on to the edge of your seat right through the end.  His main character Widdershins is a thief on the run, traveling only with the god living in her head.  A family traitor, mad alchemist, and infatuated young nobleman make unraveling the twisted plot surrounding her distant family anything but easy.

Any teen that just can’t handle more high school drama and angst and (totally) needs something more mature will love this one. Adults wanting an epic story in something short enough to actually be able to carry (no doorstops here) are sure to gobble this up. 

Gobble? See, I didn't forget about Thanksgiving after all.

Lost Covenant is available in print and ebook December 3. Avoid the rush and preorder your copies online today!

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