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Dragon Con: Whirlwind Edition

This year, Pyr’s DragonCon experience was a bit different than usual. We did not have a booth, but plan to return as an exhibitor next year. And while our editorial director Lou Anders went to Lone Star Con in San Antonio, I--intrepid Pyr editorial assistant Rene Sears--went to Atlanta to host the annual all-Pyr panel in Lou’s place.
First slide of the slideshow

I drove up Friday morning and breezed through the on-site registration process with the help of the efficient DragonCon volunteer staff. On the way to the room the panel was in I ran into Clay and Susan Griffith. By the time the panel started, we were joined by Mike Resnick, E.C. Myers, copyeditor extraordinaire Gabrielle Harbowy, and Joel Shepherd, who, for the first time joined us from Australia. The panel was a look at some of the books we have out now and a glimpse at what's upcoming, including some spectacular cover art. The authors talked about their books, and Gabrielle and I got to talk about the books whose authors weren't able to be there. Mike Resnick had high praise for Lou both as an editor and for the work he does as art director for Pyr. The audience asked some great questions, discussion ranging from YA to the nature of humanity. Thank you to everyone who came.

E.C. Myers, Susan and Clay Griffith, Joel Shepherd,
Mike Resnick, Gabrielle Harbowy, and me

After the panel, the Pyr family made our annual pilgrimage to Max Lager's for dinner, and then dispersed for more panels and a look at the costumes of DragonCon. There's an amazing energy to DragonCon--all those people in downtown Atlanta because they love genre. The costumes are amazing, both those that reproduce a character in meticulous detail and those that riff on a character, playfully blending two (or more!) things to make an awesome third.   
Poor Robb Stark.
Although I had to leave Saturday morning, I tried to take a weekend's worth of pictures. More costumes below, and thanks again to our wonderful authors, and everyone who attended the panel. See you next year!
El Diablo Robotico

Evil Disney Queens


For the Honor of Greyskull!

Me and Jean Grey

Cat Gabrielle and the Evil Unicorn

Rap Star Wars
Disco Star Wars



  1. Aha, so while Lou went to WorldCon, he trusted you not to give away the Homeworld at DragonCon!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the panel and getting to meet some of your authors. Nice job!

  3. I did my best to represent us, Paul. :) Hopefully I channeled 1/10th of his enthusiasm--it's his superpower!

    Lisa, thank you! So glad you came to the panel. :)