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Boing Boing calles Be My Enemy "Triumphant"

Over at Boing Boing, Cory Doctor has written a tremendously enthusiastic review of Ian McDonald's Be My Enemy, the follow-up to Planesrunner. Cory writes, "There's a lot more of what made Planesrunner great -- tremendous action scenes, cunning escapes, genius attacks on the ways that multidimensional travel might be weaponized, horrific glimpses of shadowy powers and sinister technologies, but Enemy also has more of what makes McDonald's adult fiction some of the best work I've ever read: a gifted ear for poesie that makes the English language sing, the unapologetic presumption of the reader's ability to understand what's going on without a lot of hand-holding, and a technological mysticism that never explicitly says when the literal stops and the fantasy starts"

Head over to Boing Boing for the full review, but also for a five chapter preview! 


  1. I went to buy the kindle version today but it doesn't seem to exist yet. Any timeline on that?

  2. Hi Al,
    Very very soon. It's being proofed right now.