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SF Signal says, "Shadow's Son never, ever, gets dull."

Shadow's SonJon Sprunk's new novel Shadow's Lure has just been released, but for those coming to the party late, SF Signal has just posted a review of the previous book in the trilogy, Sprunk's debut novel Shadow's Son. They write:
"Sprunk hits on all four cylinders and convincingly draws the reader into his secondary fantasy world. ...any good Sword and Sorcery story worth its salt has strong writing in it's action scenes. Not the clash of armies, but up-close and personal combat between the hero and his foes. Shadow's Son delivers impeccably. The novel starts off with Caim working his trade, and throughout the book, we see Caim tangle with his opposition in a variety of immersive and evocative settings and situations. From a pure entertainment point of view, Shadow's Son never, ever, gets dull."


  1. I guess I did come to the party late in coming out with this review now...but I won't for the sequel.

  2. Sherman5:54 PM

    Do you have any idea when an ebook version (hopefully not Amazon's Topaz!!) of "Shadow's Lure" might be released?

  3. Working on it. Matter of weeks.

  4. Paul, we're thrilled seeing the review now. Great timing to excite people for book two.

  5. Thank you, Paul. I appreciate every word.