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Even More Best of 2009

The Best of the Year lists keep pouring in, and Pyr keeps placing on them.

Fantasy Literature has posted FanLit's Favorite Books of 2009, and I'm thrilled to see Joel Shepherd's Sashaand Mark Chadbourn's The Silver Skullon the list, as well as the UK edition of Jasper Kent's Twelve.

Meanwhile, Grasping for the Wind has posted their Best Reads of 2009, and in the category of "Best Adventure Novel," a category "designed to be broad, focusing on the adventure aspect of a story, not its setting per se.... to highlight the book that had a similar effect to the watching of an action movie," they select Diving into the Wreckby Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Not surprising given all the comparisons to Star Trek and Babylon 5 the book is garnering.

Meanwhile, Rob Will Review... has posted The 10 Best Books I Read in 2009.  These aren't necessarily books published in 2009, so he includes (and we are pleased to see) Chris Roberson's 2005 novel, Here, There & Everywhere,coming in at #5, ahead of some writers named Neil Gaiman and Dave Eggers. Rob writes:
On the surface, Here, There & Everywhere is actually a joyous romp through time and space–the life story of a singularly unique woman, Roxanne Bonaventure, who, from a young age, is gifted with a very special bracelet, which she dubs “the Sofia,” that allows her to spend her life zigzagging through time and space…Underneath the larksome exterior, however, Roberson’s novel has a rather serious subtext.  Although most of the time, Roxanne has a ball traipsing across the universe, she can also be a deeply lonely individual…Here, There & Everywhere captures the alienation of a time traveler’s life in a profound yet subtle manner that never overwhelms the story with pathos but which keeps the novel–even in its most thrillingly pulpy of moments–cushioned in a layer of emotional reality that beautifully complements its jaunty surface…
Happy New Year!

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