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Things to Look Forward To For the Next Year

Because I've just compiled this for Locus, no reason not to share here. (When we get as far out as next summer, things might shift a little bit, might drop another title in, etc... but...)

August 2009:
Mike Resnick, Stalking the Dragon (A Fable of Tonight, 3) - trade paperback, comedic urban fantasy
Justina Robson, Chasing the Dragon (Quantum Gravity 4) - trade paperback, urban fantasy

September 2009:
Tom Lloyd, The Grave Thief (Twilight Reign 3)- trade paperback, epic fantasy
Paul McAuley, The Quiet War - trade paperback, science fiction
James Barclay, Dawnthief (Chronicles of the Raven 1) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

October 2009:
Joel Shepherd, Sasha (A Trial of Blood & Steel,1) - trade paperback, epic fantasy
James Enge, A Crooked Way (2 of 3) - trade paperback, fantasy/swords & sorcery
James Barclay, Noonshade (Chronicles of the Raven 2) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

November 2009:
Mark Chadbourn, The Silver Skull (,The Sword of Albion, 1) - trade paperback, historical fantasy
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Diving into the Wreck - trade paperback, science fiction/space opera
James Barclay, Nightchild (Chronicles of the Raven 3) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

December 2009:
Mike Resnick, Starship: Flagship (Starship, 5) - hardcover, science fiction

January 2009:
Kay Kenyon, City Without End (Entire and the Rose, 3) - trade paperback, sci-fantasy
Kay Kenyon, Prince of Storms (Entire and the Rose, 4) – hardcover, sci-fantasy

February 2009:
David Louis Edelman, Geosynchron (Jump 225 Vol III) - trade paperback, science fiction

March 2010:
Joel Shepherd, Petrodor (A Trial of Blood & Steel, 2) - trade paperback, epic fantasy
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt 1) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

April 2010:
George Mann, Ghosts of Manhattan (1 of 2) - trade paperback, steampunk pulp/superhero adventure
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Dragonfly Falling (Shadows of the Apt 2) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

May 2010:
Mark Chadbourn, The Devil in Green (Dark Age Book 1) - trade paperback, urban fantasy
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Blood of the Mantis (Shadows of the Apt 3) - trade paperback, epic fantasy

June 2010:
Mark Chadbourn, The Queen of Sinister (Dark Age Book 2) - trade paperback, urban fantasy
Ian McDonald, The Dervish House - hardcover, science fiction
Matthew Sturges, The Office of Shadow - trade paperback, fantasy

July 2010:
Mark Chadbourn, The Hounds of Avalon (Dark Age Book 3) - trade paperback, urban fantasy

August 2010:
Kay Kenyon, Prince of Storms (The Entire and the Rose, 4) PB after hardcover, sci-fantasy
Jon Sprunk, Shadow’s Son (1 of 3) - trade paperback, fantasy



  1. Man, even if I wasn't on the list, I'd be excited. New Ian McDonald!!! (among many, many other things)

  2. Yup. Me - eager to read both Dervish House and Geosynchron.

  3. Hey, Lou, isn't Chasing the Dragon the fourth book in Robson's Quantum Gravity?

    Besides being excited for that, in particular out of this list I am eager to read:

    Mike Resnick, Stalking the Dragon
    Paul McAuley, The Quiet War
    Kay Kenyon, Prince of Storms

    And others will likely find there way into my reading queue, of course. Ever since I picked up my first books from your imprint, I have been almost uniformly pleased with the quality of the work, across the board.

  4. Looks like another great year.
    I picked up Mike Resnick's Starship Mutiny today - will give it a go to see if I should get the rest of the series.

  5. Wonderful selections coming up. I'm looking forward to:
    Matthew Sturges, The Office of Shadow
    George Mann, Ghosts of Manhattan
    Adrian Tchaikovsky, Empire in Black and Gold
    Adrian Tchaikovsky, Empire in Black and Gold
    Jon Sprunk, Shadow’s Son

  6. Thanks for the list! Even though this isn't a paperback, check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting tale is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

  7. That's a wonderful list! the next year will be a wonderful year for Pyr with that list!

    Ian McDonald - drool...

    I just finished reading Jay Lake's GREEN. Next - Stephen Baxter's FLOOD.

    also just picked up the current mag IMAGINE FX with its interview with Martiniere and Andrew "Android" Jones tutorial on painting human faces.

  8. Looks like you have some good stuff coming up. I'm especially looking forward to the Tom Lloyd (of course) and the James Barclay and the Adrian Tchaikovsky.

    Quick question: I guess there is no publishing rule/copyright on using a title for a series that another author has used? I ask because I thought Stephen Lawhead had a Sword of Albion series 10-20 years ago? I always wondered if an author could protect their series title.

  9. Titles can't be copyrighted. There is a mystery book called THE BLADE ITSELF that came out around the same time as Joe Abercrombie's fantasy. And Cory Doctorow has been titling all his stories after famous works recently, including "True Names" from my own anthology, FAST FORWARD 2.

  10. Jvstin - oops. Thanks. Fixed.

  11. Can't wait for QG4. I just finished Going Under, and what a cliffhanger. (!!)

    There's a lot to look forward to on that list.

  12. I think QG4 is the best.

  13. Thanks for the info, Lou. I had also wondered about that "other" The Blade Itself, so you answered that for me, too.

  14. My pleasure Jeff. I know the two Blade authors have since corresponded.

  15. Some interesting stuff coming down the pike - Edelman, Mann, Chadbourn, MacDonald, and Tchaikovsky, but where's The Devoured Earth by Sean Williams?