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Gonzo Alternate History in Fast Forward 2

The November 2008 issue of Locus has a review of Fast Forward 2by Rich Horton. He calls it "a fine anthology - one of several in what's shaping up to be a remarkable year for original anthologies." But I'm even more excited by his reaction to one story in particular, as the story in question has really set me on fire. So I'm thrilled when Rich writes:
"Another politically charged piece may be the best story here - the opener, Paul Cornell's 'Catherine Drewe'. This is an alternate history, a bit gonzo, about an English spy charged with taking out the title woman, an Irishwoman who seems to be helping the Russians as they try to dominate Mars. I've failed to convey the interest in the steampunkish tech displayed, as well as the bitter political realism at the center of the story."
And, as you may recall, "Catherine Drewe" is available in its entirety on our new Sample Chapters page. Just go there and click on the link to Fast Forward 2 in the right hand margin.
Meanwhile, I expect we'll hear a lot more about Paul Cornell in the near future.

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