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Cybermancy Incorporated available on Kindle

It is what it says on the label. Cybermancy Incorporated, the long unavailable novel that introduced the Bonaventure and Carmody families, is now available on Amazon's Kindle. The list price is $4.99, but at the moment Amazon is offering it for only $3.99.

Readers of my personal blog may recall that this novel was previously made available through Wowio last winter, but the online outlet ran into some money troubles, and was acquired by another outfit, and along the way I removed the title from its offerings. (If you're at all interested in the inside-baseball of all of this, check out this article on PW's The Beat and work your way backwards.)

Here's what I said about Cybermancy Incorporated back in February:
Sooner or later, I'm sure, I'll succeed in tricking some publisher into reprinting the thing, but even then, it wouldn't be this same text. The Bonaventure-Carmody characters started out as part of the shared world of San Cibola in the Clockwork Storybook days, but as they made the transition for the webzine to the novels published by Pyr and Solaris, they got tweaked a bit, moving away from the urban fantasy environment of San Cibola and into a more science fictional world (though admittedly a pulpish one). So the version of this novel that eventually gets reprinted will be one that takes place in some other alternate universe out in the Myriad, with revisions and changes here and there. No longer set in San Cibola, but in Recondito, California, most of the plot will be the same, but there's be some significant differences.
If you've got a Kindle, and have ever had any interest in checking out the book, or are curious to find out more about the Carmody and Bonaventure families featured in Here, There & Everywhere, Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, Set the Seas on Fire, and the forthcoming End of the Century, here's your chance.


  1. Lou, are there any plans to re-release it? I don't own a Kindle (I prefer to read books the old-fashioned way) and I don't want to pay $89.10 for a used paperback.

  2. No plans here, and I don't think there are anywhere else yet, though it could happen. Our next Roberson is the forthcoming End of the Century.