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Interzone 211: Michael Moorcock Special

Issue 211 of Interzone is a Michael Moorcock special. In addition to its regular content, the issue contains these bits of Moorcockanalia.
  • Guest Editorial: The March of the Whiteshirts
  • 'The Affair of the Bassin les Hivers' (short story)
  • Lovers: A Memoir of Mervyn and Maeve Peake (extract from a Moorcock work in progress)
  • London, My Life! or The Sedentary Jew (extract from a Moorcock novel in progress)
  • Interview with Andrew Hedgecock: Staring Down the Witches (with previously unpublished photos)
"The Affair of the Bassin les Hivers," incidentally, is one of Moorcock's tales of Metatemporal Investigator Sir Seaton Begg, here in Paris to assist Commissaire Lapointe, in an adventure involving a certain mysterious albino. The story is collected in the forthcoming The Metatemporal Detectiveas well, out this October.

Update: Rick Keffel's latest Agony Column looks at The Metatemporal Detective as well, while waxing nostalgic about growing up reading Moorcock as well as remembering Moorcock's band the Deep Fix. He says, "It's easy to get sucked back into Moorcock's entertainingly dense and historically rich style. What's particularly nice here is the way that Moorcock manages to pay tribute to the mystery writers who inspired him while writing some very peculiar bits of very weird fiction. "

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